It’s finally time to announce the launch date for Dragon’s Prize!

Also, you can participate in the huge Dragon’s Prize launch flashmob by pledging a FB status or a Tweet on Dragon’s Prize Thunderclap campaign.


What will the book be all about? Well, I can only give you a few hints:


Life and love are often tested in blood and flame, a lesson Olivia learned recently as a life lost leaves her struggling and she consents to save her family by wedding the prince. Hardship and sacrifice are now her burdens to bear.

Trouble stirs deep in the woods as an old enemy seeks to rectify a curse broken. Wanting to tip the balance back in her favor, she forges new allies. A prize of life earned will need to be stripped away once more… permanently.

After slaying the dragon and rescuing Olivia, Magnus the crown prince will settle on nothing else but having her as his bride. She is his final challenge to conquer before becoming King Magnus, the Dragon Slayer.

Not knowing whether her dragon is really dead, or hopefully alive, Olivia takes her destiny into her own hands. In the end, with the help of newfound friends and love, she takes a stand against the prince’s tyranny to protect her family and everyone dear to her heart.

But when Magnus appears with new allies and a powerful witch at his side, each of them are about to discover that, when fate looms, choices can change destinies on a dime.



Stay tuned for the big cover reveal!

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