Genre: Epic Fantasy, Short Story

Rating: 5/5


The Queen’s Alchemist and More Tales of Atharron


Described succinctly by another reviewer: “The Queen’s Alchemist and More Tales of Atharron is a collection of Flash Stories that intertwine to tell the narrative of the Kingdom of Atharron embroiled at war with the giants to the north while a neighboring kingdom schemes and plot because of the bad blood of the two queens. Queen Cassandra struggles to preserve her nation from the giants while her own alchemist plots against her.”


But it also reads great as a short story itself.

A quick read, it will leave you wanting more, and you will find yourself one-clicking the first book in the series. It’s an excellent sample of the author’s writing and the books that follow; that first bite of sweetness.

There is action, death, betrayal and major accomplishments. Humans, giants, glimpses of dragons, traitors, mages…

The imagery is vivid and the writing engages all your senses without being overly flowery. A great balance of description, character development and engagement, in such a short amount of time.

It is a well worth read introducing us to a new world and wonderful writing. I would recommend this short story to everyone who enjoys reading fantasy books.


What do others say?

“In approx 3,000 words, this skilled wordsmith brings us into a world with astonishing vibrant imagery. Each scene seamlessly transitions into the next, giving the reader shocking new visuals, and a mind bending, toe curling experience that leaves you wanting more.”

“… once you start, you’re not going to want to stop.”

“Poppy Reid’s ability to write with such captivation in a small amount of space is astounding.”


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About the book:

The Mages came from Atharron. Immortal, kingly beings, they rule over Theldiniya and guide us towards peace and salvation. But what about before these godly men arrived on Theldinese soil? What drove them away from their homeland? From the land of of Atharron, where Giants roam and Magic is forbidden, we explore their stories…


About the author:

Scottish born fantasy author, Poppy Reid has a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Japanese. She writes articles on a variety of topics, including travel, cooking, and video games. She has made guest appearances on Japanese TV and has been interviewed several times about her books. She currently resides in Tokyo and dreams of owning a black pug named Phoebe.

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