Genre: Fantasy/New Adult/LGBT/Romance

Rating: 5/5


Magical Writing


Described succinctly by another reviewer: “In the first three books of the Saga of Menyoral, M.A. Ray introduced us to Dingus Xavier, a new Knight of the Air, and the magically-broken world of Rothganar. In The High King’s Will, the author takes us back to a time when mystical creatures populated the world, in the times before the magic was torn away.”

The author has just created a new Eagle and Fox fan!

It may seem like a stereotypical fantasy setting, but it is so much more: characters and world-building wise. The author breathed uniqueness into her fantasy world, giving us refreshing characters. I am glad to see LGBT characters portrayed as main characters in such a wonderful story.

As one of the reviewers commented, the author’s “strength are the people; living and breathing these characters”. And I just got sucked in as well. The writing is magical and poetic without being overly descriptive. Just enough to tease your senses, without overwhelming.

I fell in love with both the characters and the writing.

I have also read this author’s short story “A Wing and a Prayer: A Tale from the Knights”. I really enjoyed this short quirky tale about how Vandis got his “wings”. I was right there with him, felt the wind on my cheek and Her in my heart. They seem a great pair. I cannot wait to read more. If you like a fun, quirky, not-your-typical fantasy read, you will enjoy this short story.


What do others say?

“Unforgettable characters, impeccable prose, and an adventure that will leave you breathless”

“If you like epic fantasy with a little romance and a whole lot of action, pick this up.”

“The book is full of beautiful language and complex situations. You’ll love it if you enjoy yaoi, I’m guessing. You’ll love it if you enjoy reading fairy tales. You’ll love it if you enjoy high fantasy.”

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About the book

Eagle Eye’s world is full of magic. Fairies love him, and his only real friend is the resident unicorn, but since he killed the Worm of Shirith, nothing feels the same. When he collides with beautiful, broken Brother Fox a second time, he knows there’s no going back.

There’s no shortage of monsters in Fox’s life. The Worm was nothing compared to his own father, High King Beagar. When Eagle suggests an escape, Fox seizes the idea—and he wants Eagle with him.

The High King’s designs send Eagle and Fox across the sea to Rodansk, a land of summer sunshine at midnight and endless winter dark. Between the two, low-caste Eagle presents the bigger threat to Beagar’s power, and he didn’t even know it. Now that his Prince is giving him so much to lose, he won’t go down without a fight.


About the author

I’m a lover of fairy tales, comic books, classic fantasy, and power metal. I keep my meat shell in Wisconsin these days. I won’t tell you where I hide my heart. I’ve got a husband and two kids, and they’re the only reason I leave Rothganar.

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