Genre: WitchLit

Rating: 4/5


An unusual, but intriguing story of humans, angels and ghosts


It all started on Liz’s birthday. A drunk mother spoiling the celebration, and a best friend/lover offering a life she just didn’t know how to refuse.

The book starts a bit slow, and I honestly wanted to give up, since my tastes prefer faster pace. But, I persisted and it was well worth it. I don’t regret any second or any word I have read.

The story slowly folded into itself, as Liz researched her haunted furniture, and her strange connection to it’s previous, but now dead owner. She also discoveres a whole knew, rather daunting world, run by Archangles.

And then, it all unfolds into this beautiful butterfly.

It is not your typical story of humans, angels and ghosts. I found it quite unpredictable and refreshing, definitly an enjoyable and worthy read.

I will recommend it to my bookworm friends.


What do others say?

 “Oh what a glorious read this was! A witchlit novel full of magical realism, strange occult happenings, supernatural beings and … haunted furniture!”

“This book is well-written and full of well-crafted characters, mixing the mundane and the magical into a page turner of a story.”

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About the book:

When she buys an antique bed, Liz gets more than she bargained for: not just the furniture but also the ghost of its former owner plus the nefarious beings who are out to get him, even in the afterlife. When those beings turn their gaze toward Liz, she has to rely on her own courage – plus the magical tools in an antique trunk – to dig her way out of trouble. Because she certainly can’t rely on her best friend, who thinks she’s going crazy, or her family, who all have problems of their own.


About the author:

A Pagan artist and storyteller, Laura is fascinated by all things ancient and mysterious, but the Minoans and the Maya hold a special place in her heart. Laura loves spending as much time as possible in the vegetable garden and orchard, up to her elbows in the dirt. When she is not busy editing other people’s prose, writing her own, or creating historically-inspired works of art, she enjoys volunteering as a living history demonstrator at local historic sites, sharing with the public a set of skills most people considered obsolete more than a century ago. You can find her online at her website –


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