Genre: Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery, Epic

Rating: 3.5/5

A promising debut novel


Before reading this book, I read and reviewed Poppy’s The Queen’s Alchemist, a flash fiction collection from the same world. I loved the writing style; very crisp and effective. The imagery was vivid and the writing engages all your senses without being overly flowery. It was that set of short stories that prompted me to one-click Blood of the Fallen. This book tells the story of a warrior and an elf thrown together in the midst of a war and developing an unlikely friendship. They may–or may not–be prophesied as the ones to end the war raging for two hundred years.

Blood of the Fallen is Poppy’s debut novel. The writing style is different from that in The Queen’s Alchemist, and reads like a first novel. It seemed overly descriptive at times, but that is just a personal preference. In the beginning, it relies a bit too strongly on adverbs, but by the end, it already shows growth, so I am looking forward to reading the second book to see how her writing develops even more. I am sorry to see that the publisher didn’t do a proper job of editing.

That said, Poppy has a great talent of making likeable and believable characters, a vivid world, and an intriguing story. I would recommend readers give this book a chance if they love fantasy and enjoy RPGs, and want to see a wonderful author’s writing grow and bloom into something completely captivating.


What do others say?

“…written with heart and with characters that you’ll come to care for.”

A vivid and rich world filled with danger, I was captivated by Poppy Reid’s description and attention to detail in this engrossing story.”

“Miss Reid has a very clear vision which comes through as a solid story line that will carry the tale through to the next book, Blood of the Innocent.”

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About the book

Theldiniya has been torn apart by two hundred grueling years of war, both sides forsaken by their ancient gods. One last desperate strike by the Tyrans has prophesized doom for their people, yet, undeterred by the Seer’s cataclysmic predictions, a clan of Tyran warriors have moved east to attack a small Elven village. The Seer turns to Villid, his last true friend, in hopes that he will help protect the Elf Seer and save the Tyran people. When Villid is framed for a crime he didn’t commit he finds an unexpected ally in Aya, an Elf girl, forcing them to rely on each other to survive. In such turbulent times an unlikely friendship is formed between those who once would have been enemies…


About the author

Scottish born fantasy author, Poppy Reid has a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Japanese. She writes articles on a variety of topics, including travel, cooking, and video games. She has made guest appearances on Japanese TV and has been interviewed several times about her books. She currently resides in Tokyo and dreams of owning a black pug named Phoebe.

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