This year started great. Almost half-way in and I’ve already managed to reach some awesome milestones.

Since publishing Dragon’s Treasure, mid-December, and Dragon’s Prize, end of March, I’ve sold over 1000 eBooks. Which is freaking crazy! Thank you so much for that.


With 22 positive reviews, all of them four and five stars on Amazon, Dragon’s Treasure reached and passed yet another big milestone. Dragon’s Prize is not that far behind with its own achievement of 10 positive reviews, mostly five stars! I’m still all O.o Flabbergasted!

And this year, my first short story written in Croatian was selected and published as a part of a sci-fi&f convention anthology, Istrakon 2017. Achievement unlocked! Another one of my short stories, “Crimson Crime”, will soon be published in a charity anthology called Chronicles of Crime.

Another big journey for my writing career is my involvement as Editor In Chief (by special invitation) working on a Worldcon edition of Croatia’s oldest fanzine Parsek, which will be upgraded and published entirely in English. Parsek, Worldcon edition, has been really popular the last couple of year and some of the featured stories have been entered into the Hugo Award Ballot. I hope I make a good choice with the stories that will be featured, and I know the articles will surely attract a lot of interest since they will be based on Croatian Old Gods, myths and legends. Excited and nervous about all of this. I will let you know where and when you can get your own copy. You can definitely expect I will be giving away a copy of Parsek to one of the lucky newsletter subscribers.

First book sold on a convention. What a happy reader! <3


Almost forgot to mention! I attended two Croatian’s biggest sci-fi&f conventions, Istrakon and Sferakon, as an author, where I held a lecture talking about my books, writing them and my publishing journey. I did a signing and sold out all the books! I was very happy with how the lectures went, and that people were seriously interested in my story and actively participated with their questions.

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