A dear author friend of mine, and my Dragon’s Treasure editor (for the future published version), is giving away a signed copy of one of her books. I have my copy and it’s time for you to get yours ;). If you like acient myths, gods and cultures, you’re gonna love this book. Below, you can read what it’s all about and how to win your own, free copy. Enjoy!


Ariadnes Thread Book Cover


The myths of ancient Crete, her people, and their gods twine through our minds like the snakes around the priestess’s arms in those ancient temples. They call to us across the millennia, asking us to remember. In answer to that call, Ariadne’s Thread provides a window into the spirituality, culture and daily life of the Minoan people, and commemorates the richness of a world in which women and men worked and worshiped as equals. In these pages, the glory of Crete once again springs to life; the history, the culture, and most of all, the intense spirituality of these fascinating people and their gods can inspire and transform our modern ways of thinking, worshiping and being. The ruined temples and mansions of ancient Crete may crumble along the coastline of this tiny island, but Ariadne’s thread still leads us into the labyrinth and safely back out again.


You can read the first chapter for free here: http://moon-books.net/blogs/moonbooks/ariadnes-thread/


And also get glimpses of all the different parts of the book on Google Books.
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