Who is Maya Starling?


Maya Starling is a writer, a geek, an animal lover and a gamer. She has lived the life of a magus, an oracle, a goth mortician, a star wars rebel while sitting at a table and rolling those dice away.

In reality, she lives with her wife and their adorable little boy, and of course two rescue cats, in the small country of Croatia. Reading and writing are her passion, so you will often find her typing away a new story, or eyes glued to the screen of her phone or a page of a book.



But who is really Maya?


I am a native Croatian who has a passion for writing. I have an MA in Business and Management and I’m currently pursuing my skills in writing.  Outside the realm of books, comics and writing, I love watching sci-fi and fantasy TV shows and movies. And roleplaying!

I started writing a couple of years ago and publishing my work on Wattpad for free. At first, it was just for fun and to share the stories running rampant in my head with people willing to read. Never did I imagine my stories would get so much attention and positive feedback in so little time.

I entered Dragon’s Treasure in Watty Awards 2012, and won in the category Non-teen fiction On the Rise. Dragon’s Prize was welcomed just as positively by my followers, if not more so. I am planning to write two more books in the Dragon Series: Dragons’ Queen and Dragons’ Quest, and in the meantime I’m working on something new, different, and a bit darker; Vengeance Upturned.

Some of my favorite authors are: Terry Pratchett, Carrie Vaughn, Adrian Tchaikovsky, L.M. Bujold (The Sharing knife series), Roger Zelazny (Chronicles of Amber), Juliet E. McKenna, Patricia Briggs, Kim Harrison, Gail Garriger, Jacqueline Carey.


Fun facts!

  • I used to do Matrial Arts and Dancing for 8 years each.
  • I was an extra on Game of Thrones.
  • I’m a proud Browncoat.
  • I love Portal. The cake is NOT a lie!



Short Story “Red Menace” has been published on NOSF

Short Story “Between the Sun and the Moon, published in a short story anthology “Library of Dreams”

Dragon’s Treasure, published on December 15th 2016.

Dragon’s Prize, published on March 21st 2017.


Where to find me?

FB page at http://www.facebook.com/StarlingMaya

Twitter handle: @MayaStarling

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